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english primary school elearning singapore
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With the convenience and the technology of the web, when you need to learn how to talk, write and read English you no longer need to take normal classes or go to an English speaking country to do so. You can stay at home and take English online and examine in the own pace without paying the expensive tuition and other expenses which would otherwise be included. The courses are intended to be very detailed and include listening passages, reading materials and games along with education, grammar exercises and quizzes.

The beginning Program Includes lessons on:

  • subject pronouns
  • asking questions
  • with the negative in sentences
  • contractions
  • prepositions of place
  • nouns
  • posts
  • pronouns
  • singular and plural

english primary school elearning singapore

As you take this Course, you will also have access to a teacher if you will need any help apart from that provided in the lessons. You are able to communicate with other people taking the same class and these may be individuals in a different country, which gives you an opportunity to make new friends online. This way you have the ability to communicate in English to improve your learning. You also have a study buddy with whom you can learn from and with each other. The focus on english primary school elearning singapore is to learn the spelling rules, including where and when to use capital letters, the various kinds of punctuation and how to add suffixes and prefixes. The use of double consonants in English is different than in other languages since there are no double letters in the English language alphabet. You will learn which letters have to be doubled when you add endings onto phrases.

The next sections on the online English course will take you further into your learning with simple introductory lessons to a huge array of concepts. Each of these classes begins with a dialogue based on the concept which you can listen to and read together with the printed version of this dialogue. The lesson also contains key vocabulary words that will boost your level of English language. Because of this, they have access to a dictionary in which they can look up English words and find exactly what that phrase is in practically any language, including Chinese and Korean. There is also an audio Course offered online where you listen to short passages initially and answer questions to be certain that you know what the passage is all about. These start off with very simple topics and gradually increase in length and the complexity of the topic. So as to attend College or university in English speaking countries or to immigrate to have work, you do need to demonstrate that you are proficient in the language by taking a test in the basic skills required in speaking, reading, listening and writing.