Infrared marked cards – How it is used?

Infrared marked cards
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The invisible ink marked cards, emphasis is on invisible ink. Here luminous invisible ink that we are talk about is using the infrared contact lenses to see the invisible ink cards. The marking cards are used for the magician performances, cheating poker, magic shows, and cheating other type of the card game. When it comes about marking cards there’re some strategies you can use.

Physically making the small markings on back of cards.

Using the luminous ink

  1. Using the contact lenses that will detect the luminous ink
  2. Using Glasses for detecting the luminous ink

luminous marked cards

Other cheats that aren’t very effective as one & two.

We will talk about using the contact lenses that will detect the luminous marked cards. Contact lenses have got small purplish filters that are built in the lens. If you put contact lenses in eyes your vision will be transformed in the purplish vision (like black light) and you can read the luminous “invisible” or infrared marked cards. Markings are applied on the back of the red and blue cards. Contact lenses can read both that is one benefit over glasses that will just read back of the red backed cards. Contact lenses are highly effective and the discreet way of reading invisible markings. Contact lenses are actually made from same material that regular lenses are made from. Size of the whole contact lens is around 13mm that is a standard size of the contact. There’re some different sizes for a filter.