Secure Your Business Data with Microsoft dynamics 365 business central

Microsoft dynamics 365 business central
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Every business Organization creates data or information that is an asset of the company. With increased variety of information breaches and cyber-attacks, companies are forced to execute procedures which may enable them to protect their data when during data transfer over a network or in rest. Data and system of course starts with identity controls and it is this identity and access management features which can be found in Microsoft business products which help by making it accessible only to the 47, protect the data. We all know that Encryption is the method. It is a process of encoding the information that can be read by persons that are authorized. The information is encrypted help to protect from intruders and hackers. Solutions and Microsoft products are based on encryption and adopt industry standard transport protocols.

Microsoft Office 365: Office 365 uses the SSL/TLS and AES Standards to make certain the data security and confidentiality is preserved. The primary identity versions in Office 365 are:

Microsoft dynamics 365 business central

  • Cloud identity: Accounts can be handled in Office 365 and no servers are required to deal with the users.
  • Federated identity: You manage the users and can synchronize directory items that are on-premises with Office 365. The passwords may be synchronized so the users have the exact same password for on-premises and cloud.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Microsoft dynamics 365 business central utilizes Azure Active Directory to authenticate users and protect against unauthorized access, simplify the management of users and also lets you assign privileges easily. It employs a function based clients and security system can customize the safety by placing the access levels by controlling the user access and permissions.
  • Microsoft Power BI: This is Microsoft’s business analytics and it Helps reports to be created by the users. It uses the HTTPS protocol to guarantee the data’s safety. To guarantee security and protection of information in storage, Power BI encrypts key data like Immediate Query datasets, etc. and reports.
  • Visual Studio Team Services: This is a Total software package that permits the staff construct and to share software Codes, send applications and track the work. It uses Azure Active Directory accounts to perform authentication, authorization and access control. Other than this, it utilizes Azure Blob TDE to protect the data from thefts or any action or to store information, making use of SQL data encryption.