What is igcse?

ib tok tutor hk
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It is international general certificate of secondary education is a curriculum for English language which are offered to students who are preparing for international baccalaureate A level and BREC level-3 which are recommended for higher tier students. It is based on GCE O-Level and it is equivalent to GCSE. The IGCSE is developed by the university of cambridge international examinations. Examination board Edexcel is offering its own version, known as Edexcel international GCSE. Most of the students are beginning the learning the syllabus at the beginning of year 10 in grade 9 and the test is taken at the end of grade 10 of year 11.

The IGCSE is an international alternative for many national curricula. IGCSE qualifications are mostly based on the individual subjects of study. This means that you will receive qualifications for each individual subjects of study which you are taking. IGCSE is the international alternative for many other national curricula. For this reason schools worldwide are having different expectations about how many IGCSE students should take. Typical core curricula includes first language,  second language, mathematics and one or more subjects in science. IGCSE candidates would be able to choose various number is additional courses which can range from social science to creative arts.

ib tok tutor hk

Subjects taught by IGCSE tutor hk are given below:

  • Mathematics
  • English – English as first language, English as second language, world literature and English Literature.
  • Sciences such as Computer science, biology, physics, chemistry and Physical education.
  • Social sciences and humanities.
  • Modern languages such as French, German, Chinese, Mandarin and Spanish.
  • Business studies and accounting.
  • Arts such as Music, Design and Technology, Theatre studies and Drama, Art and design.

These are some things to look out for to learn from ib tok tutor hk.